• Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, and
    yes, we all know it’s also Valentines Day. We’ll assume you all know
    how to tell that certain someone that you love them.

  • Here, today in 2024, we are still faithfully reading the scriptures and sift-
    ing through the teachings which give us our identity as the children of

    God. In 2024 we are still devoted to the faithful preaching Gospel of
    Jesus Christ and praying for his return in glory.

  • It’s Christmas time. No doubt you’ll get a few Christmas cards with
    traditional depictions of the Child Jesus, Joseph and his Mother Mary—
    the history of our Savior according to Matthew and Luke, as illustrated
    by St. Francis. But John from the very beginning took a different
    approach. He bears witness to the meaning of Jesus’ entrance into our

  • November: one month to go. It’s countdown time; countdown to
    Thanksgiving, countdown to Black Friday, countdown to
    Christmas. The first Sunday in November celebrates All Saints’and
    we get an extra hour of sleep on November 5. That’s all well and
    good, but it also signals to pastors that there is three weeks until the
    Feast of Christ the King.

  • What hasn’t been said up to this point is that the service outline continues to preserve a Lutheran -ized version of the Latin Mass. Just as the sacred scriptures preserve for us the Word of God, so the Divine Service preserves among us Christian tradition and the Lord’s Supper. There are some things you just don’t play with. More on that next time: and I promise, not so long.

  • During this time of pastoral vacancy, may our Lord continue to bless this congregation with wise leaders, capable volunteers and eager workers. In all things may Jesus be honored and adored.

  • Holy Lamb is a congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Through this synod, we operate colleges and seminaries, schools and high schools, and of course Concordia Publishing House.

  • As time moves forward, we will get to know a lot more about each other. If you need to know something, please ask. I look forward to meeting all of you and learning about you. Together we are God’s children.

  • We may not get 3000 in one Sunday, but I am confident that God has great things in store for Holy Lamb – well above what any of us can imagine today. I encourage you to plan NOW to be ready to reap the harvest that will come as the Holy Spirit works the miracle of faith in the hearts of hearers in the years ahead.

  • In this, my second-to-the-last newsletter column, I would like to
    share some thoughts about my optimism for Holy Lamb’s future. Paul
    begins his second letter to the Thessalonians with these words, “We ought
    always to give thanks to God for you, brothers, as is right, because your

    faith is growing abundantly, and the love of every one of you for one an-
    other is increasing.