• NEWS FROM PASTORS VACATION:  Since my column this month includes pictures with captions which would have taken significant work to format and fit into the regular newsletter, my column is in an attached pdf document. Go ahead and read it and laugh with, and at me. That experience was on Wednesday, July 20th.

  • New opportunities abound at Holy Lamb:


    • Worship is now available at any time! If you are sick, you can still join in worship. How about this for a new habit: Never miss another worship service, regardless of when or where you might worship?


    • Bible study is no longer limited to the Fellowship Hall at a specific time.

  • The coronavirus numbers for Horry County have been excellent! We have been well under 20 new cases per day for more than a month; we did not see an upward spike following Memorial Day; and there has been no overall increase with the rising tourist population. 

  • We are opening our worship services without any mandatory limits or restrictions.
    However, in this time of Covid awareness, every person has his/her own unique comfort level. We ask that each of us recognize this and extend common courtesies to each other, even if we don’t share the same concerns.

  • It appears that we have one more thing to rejoice and thank God for: the plague of the coronavirus has been significantly diminished!

  • As we re-engage in worship indoors, may our focus be on Christ and his work on our behalf; and may our concern be for the needs of our fellow worshipers.

  • The day has finally arrived! After more than a year of absence, we
    are returning to our Sanctuary for worship. Alleluia! I expect that Israel
    was no more excited about returning to the temple after their captivity in
    Babylon than we are as we return to our Sanctuary.

  • We are opening for inside Worship on Maundy Thursday, April 1st. 7:00 – In the Sanctuary, with Communion, open to those who have registered, and online.

  • Things are certainly beginning to look up with the availability of the COVID vaccines spreading. We are taking into consideration a variety of factors on deciding when in-person worship indoor should begin. As we do this we are asking for your feedback and ideas regarding the plan.

  • As we enter this Lenten season, we are marking one year of worship outside of our Sanctuary. This is not a milestone any of us anticipated. The news is changing so rapidly that I can’t even comment on the latest because it will be outdated by the time you read this.