12/5 Second S in Advent

LUKE 3:1-4 John the Baptist Prepares the Way


“What shall we do?”

We must change our behavior in ways that honor God. Remove sinful actions and behavior that offend Him.

Provide for the less fortunate.  

 12/1 Christmas Cantata

A Cantata for Christmas by Joseph Martin


A musical service of illumination that gradually fills the sanctuary  with music and light. With Scripture, narration, carols and candles, this compelling cantata tells the treasured story of Christ's birth. From the hushed whisper of the “Candlelight Processional” to the festive arrangements of some of our most beloved carols, this work has something for everyone.

 11/28 First S in Advent

LUKE 19:28-40 The Triumphal Entry


We hear promises all the time. We are never quite sure whether to trust that the promise will be kept. A common response to a promise of which we are skeptical is to mutter, “Promises, Promises!” Such skepticism is not at all appropriate when it comes to God’s promises.


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 11/21 Last S of the Church Year

MARK 13:24-37 Signs of the End of the Age


How would you describe a king? Your answer would likely go in one of two directions – very positive or very negative. But I suspect in either case the descriptions would include absolute control over his subjects, an unrelenting insistence on obedience,
and a refusal to concede authority to anybody else. All of these would have been ensured by force.


 11/14 Twenty Fifth S a Pentecost

MARK 13:1-13 Signs of the End of the Age


What time is it?

God's promises are without end.

They are etarnal.

 11/7 All Saints Day

MATTHEW 5:1-12 The Beatitudes


We also remember all our loved ones, not named here, who are among the faithful departed and called to their eternal rest. Hear us, O, Lord, as we name them within our hearts....

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We believe in the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we may have everlasting life through him.