10/02  Seventeenth S. a. Pentecost

Woe to those who lead others to sin.

Don't allow your friend to engage in sin.

You must forgive them completely.

Your faith in God can forgive all of your sins.


 9/11  Fourteenth S. a. Pentecost

 9/04  Thirteenth S. a. Pentecost

Counting the Cost

What does it cost to be a follower of Jesus?

Be prepared to pay the cost or don't bother.

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 8/28  Twelth S. a. Pentecost

Jesus gave his life for all of our sins so we could be upgraded to a better eternal destination. This is the honor Jesus has bestowed on us, so we can go to Heaven. 

 8/21  Eleventh S. a. Pentecost

Pastor Panning returns from vacation.

Does Jesus know you?

Are you in contact with Him? Jesus wants to know you. He wants to open the door to heaven for you!

 8/14  Tenth S. a. Pentecost

Pastor Vogt talked about what is costs to be a Christian. It prevents you from playing golf, or sleeping in on sunday. Those who intend to follow Jesus can expect to receive conflict.  

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