8/14  Tenth S. a. Pentecost

Pastor Vogt talked about what is costs to be a Christian. It prevents you from playing golf, or sleeping in on sunday. Those who intend to follow Jesus can expect to receive conflict.  

 8/07  Ninth S. a. Pentecost

Pastor Vogt was our guest Pastor today.

When studying the Bible, we always come back to Abraham. He is the living monument to faith. He was considered righteous because he believed and trusted in God.

 7/31  Eighth S. a. Pentecost

What comes to your mind when you think of an inheritance? Is it a specific item you
treasure that will go to a child; something you hope to receive; a quantity of money
that will relieve your stress or the stress of someone who will receive your money?

What could be a greater inheritance then an eternity in heaven?

 7/24  Seventh S. a. Pentecost

God stands above all earthly authority. Do not follow the cultural wisdom of the day. Follow wisdom found in scripture.

 7/17  Sixth S. a. Pentecost

Our Gospel lesson is the very familiar story of Mary and Martha as they host Jesus at their
house. Martha takes on the tasks of preparing food for the crowd and is annoyed that
Mary is not helping. If we already know that much, we probably think that Jesus compares
Mary’s behavior to Martha’s, and that Mary comes out looking better. But that is not the
comparison Jesus makes.

 7/10  Fifth S. a. Pentecost

Pastor Stephen Vogt is the guest Pastor today.

Prayer is not giving God our grocery list.   

Prayer is A Heart to Heart conversation with God


Using the word ACTS as an acronym


A - Adoration (and praise)

C - Confession - take a good look at ourselves

T - Thanksgiving

S - Supplecatiions - supplies that we need

Previous Pentecost Services


 7/03  Fourth S. a. Pentecost

Jesus instructed his disciples to proclaim, “The kingdom of God has come near". What does that mean to you?

11 new members of Holy Lamb were installed today.

 6/26  Third S. a. Pentecost

Pastor Steven Vogt conducted services outside on the lawn. In todays Gospel, Jesus says there is an urgency to the Gospel. There is no guarantee of a home, or a family, only the welcoming arms of Jesus. 

 6/19  Second S. a. Pentecost

David and Goliath had a conflict. By all accounts is was a mismatch. As it turned out, Goliath was outmatched, not David.

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