Lenten Sermon Series

03/04 - 04/1

The Wittenberg Alterpiece

This painting is displayed above the alter in St. Mary's church in Wittenberg, Germany. This is the church where Luther preached hundreds of sermons.


This years midweek Lenten series will focus on this Alterpiece.


This series will be divided up into 5 different parts:


  • March 4th:    Art Speaks


  • March 11th:  The Foundation in Christ                                                       PREDELLA - The painting along the frame at the bottom                                     of the alterpiece. 


  • March 18th:  Baptism Now Saves You


  • March 25th:  Confession and Absolution


  • April 1st:        Drink, ......All Of You



Third Sunday in Lent


Life From a Rock

Most of us cannot imagine water pouring out of a rock. Todays Gospel lesson (JOHN 4:5-26) includes the same concept. Life and water from rocks.

Fourth Sunday in Lent


Man trapped in a dark cave

Todays Gospel lesson (JOHN 9).

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind.

Psalm 142, When David was in the cave.