1/23 Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 


“This morning’s psalm speaks of God’s foreknowledge of everything we say and do before we say or do them. The psalmist expands that ‘fore-‘ concept beyond knowledge to include our very creation in our mother’s womb. Yes, God created us just as surely as he did Adam and Eve. Just as he was intimately and intricately involved in their creation long before they inhaled their first breath, so also, he is the creator of every human life before the first breath is drawn.


 1/16 Second Sunday after the Epiphany


We are created for good works.

What has Jesus been telling you to do?

How are you responding to the gifts that God has given you?

 1/09 First Sunday after the Epiphany


So what is sin? It is every occasion in which our life misses the mark. 

In place of our sins, God has given us the righteousness of Christ.

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 1/02 Second Sunday after Christmas

What was Jesus's family business? LOVE

They were in the business of the 10 Commandments.

Precious gifts like life, health, material blessings, relationships and JESUS as our Savior!  to bring
– that is, peace between us and our Creator.

 12/26 First Sunday after Christmas

 12/24 Christmas Eve

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