Cross with Sunrise

 4/25 Third S. of Easter

The Shepard and His Flock; JOHN 10:11-18


The great transformation. Pastor Hollar talked about how to change your life from being fearful to being faithful.



 4/11 Second S. of Easter

Jesus appears to His Disciples; JOHN 20:19-31


The Bible's Bow Tie. The entire message of scripture can be described with the icon of the Bow Tie. Two triangles with a cross in the middle. All scripture points to Jesus.

 4/4 Easter Sunday

The Resurrection; MARK 16:1-8


Death has a sting. We will feel a sting when we die. But it will be a brief pain. Because we know that we will have a front row seat in heaven. The best is yet to come.

Previous Sermons


 4/2 Good Friday

The death of Jesus; JOHN 19:31-42




 4/1 Maundy Thursday

Jesus before Pilate; MARK 14:12-26


It was back to Worship in the Santuary for the 1st time since last march. The communion vessels are reverently removed from the altar, the altar is stripped, and the chancel is cleared in preparation for the solemn services of Good Friday.


 3/24 Palm Sunday

Jesus before Pilate; MARK 15:1-47


It was 80 and cloudy for our 22nd outdoor Worship service. Our 3 Confirmands, Annie, Justin and Devyn, publicly proclaimed the faith into which they were baptized.


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We believe in the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we may have everlasting life through him.