2020 Sermons




05/24           Seventh Sunday of Easter

Jesus Prays for Himself and His Disciples,             John 17:1-11

Do you want to actually see inside the mind of Jesus as He prays to His Father about His concerns for us? Listen to this message.

05/17                                         The Ascension of Our Lord

Jesus Appears to the Disciples, Luke 24:44-53

Pastor Hollar talks about how the power of the Holy Spirit helps believers spread the good news of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

05/10                                         Fifth Sunday of Easter

Jesus Comforts His Disciples, John14:1-14

Is ‘Believe’ a request to be honored, a command to be obeyed, or an
invocation of the power of God?

We see ‘believe’ used in a variety of settings with various applications of the word.

05/03                                 Fourth Sunday of Easter

The Shepard and His Flock, John10:1-10 

Do you desire an abundant life?

Listen to this message to find how to have abundance is this life and in the life to come.


04/26                 Third Sunday of Easter

On the road to Emmaus; Luke 24:13-35

If you want to learn about a life changing fact, that could change the dynamic of every conversation you ever have, listen to this message.


04/19                Second Sunday of Easter

John Appears to His Disciples; John 20:19-31

Learn why more people are hearing the Gospel now then ever before.


04/12                Easter Sunday

John Appears to His Disciples; John 20:1-18

There are 4 facts that prove that Jesus Christ is who he says he is! 

Listen and find out about them.

Good Friday

John 19:17-30


April 10, 2020


Holy Thursday

Matt. 26:17-30


April 9, 2020

Palm Sunday

Sunday of the Passion

John 12:12-19


April 5, 2020

LENT 2020


Wittenberg Alterpiece

The Lord's Supper


April 1, 2020


In His Word I put my hope

Psalm 130


March 29, 2020


Wittenberg Alterpiece

Confession & Absolution


March 25, 2020


Jesus heals a man born blind


March 22, 2020


Wittenberg Alterpiece



March 18, 2020


Jesus talks with a samaritan woman - John 4


March 15, 2020

Wittenberg Alterpiece

The Predella


March 11, 2020

Wittenberg Alterpiece

Art Speaks


March 4, 2020