2021 Sermons


 5/16 Seventh S. of Easter

Jesus prays for His Disciples; JOHN 17:11-19


I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to you.

 5/2 Fifth S. of Easter

The vine and the branches; JOHN 15:1-8


We are called to open our mouths, to share the comfort of our faith with others.


 4/25 Fourth S. of Easter

The Shepard and His Flock; JOHN 10:11-18

I am the good shepard. Pastor Grant talked about the value of sheep to the shepherd. Our value does not change if we belong to the good shepherd.

Cross with Sunrise

 4/18 Third S. of Easter

Jesus appears to the Disciples; LUKE 24:36-49


The great transformation. Pastor Hollar talked about how to change your life from being fearful to being faithful.

 4/11 Second S. of Easter

Jesus appears to His Disciples; JOHN 20:19-31


The Bible's Bow Tie. The entire message of scripture can be described with the icon of the Bow Tie. Two triangles with a cross in the middle. All scripture points to Jesus.

 4/4 Easter Sunday

The Resurrection; MARK 16:1-8


Death has a sting. We will feel a sting when we die. But it will be a brief pain. Because we know that we will have a front row seat in heaven. The best is yet to come.

 4/2 Good Friday

The death of Jesus; JOHN 19:31-42




 4/1 Maundy Thursday

Jesus before Pilate; MARK 14:12-26


It was back to Worship in the Santuary for the 1st time since last march. The communion vessels are reverently removed from the altar, the altar is stripped, and the chancel is cleared in preparation for the solemn services of Good Friday.


 3/28 Palm Sunday

Jesus before Pilate; MARK 15:1-47


It was 80 and cloudy for our 22nd outdoor Worship service. Our 3 Confirmands, Annie, Justin and Devyn, publicly proclaimed the faith into which they were baptized.


3/24 Midweek Lent service

A reason to boast.


We have violated every commandment, but our JOY on earth is but a foretaste of things to come.  


3/24 Fifth S. in Lent

Jesus again predicts His death; MARK 10:32-45


The need for a Savior is man's biggest need. Jesus led by serving others. As we follow Jesus, may His example of serving others be our model.


3/17 Midweek Lent service

Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted.


Pastor Hollar talked about what God did to Jesus so that we would be healed from our guilt from sin. 


3/14 Fourth S. in Lent

Jesus teaches Nicodemus; JOHN 3:14-21


It was 65 and sunny for our 21st outdoor worship service. Pastor Kuppler talked about What is behind the Cross? God so loved the world that Jesus laid down his life for others. Focus on the cross!

3/10 Midweek Lent service

Hear our cry!


Lord have mercy on us. Jesus heard their plea. Jesus healed them.


3/7 Third S. in Lent

Jesus clears the Temple; JOHN 2:13-22

It was 51 and sunny and windy for our 20th outdoor worship service. When Christians point out sinful behavior in the world, the world likes to condemn us as hypocritical by saying Jesus was all about love. This morning’s Gospel includes a clear example of Jesus condemning sin. Only when people acknowledge and confess their sin can they receive the forgiveness offered and the salvation it brings.

3/3 Midweek Lent service

What's in your heart?


Pastor Hollar talked about what the cross has to do with us. It reminds us that Christ was crucified for us.


2/28 Second S. in Lent

Peter's Confession of Christ; MARK 8:27-38


It was 70 and sunny for our 19th outdoor worship service.  “Who is Jesus?” may seem like a nonsensical question. But many people would respond with an answer far different than you might imagine. The full identity of Jesus includes all that one needs to know to understand the Bible, come to faith, and be saved.

2/24 Midweek Lent service

Balm and Healing


You can be confident of the perfect healing that will come in our resurrection.


2/21 First S. in Lent

The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus ; Mark 1:9-15


The Lord will provide. If you adhere to self serving behavior, God will not support you. Where God guides, God provides.


2/17 Ash Wednesday

Giving to the Needy and Fasting; Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

2/14 The Transfiguration of our Lord

The Transfiguration; Mark 9:2-9


Despite our circumstances, the blessings of God far outweigh our problems. It is good Lord to be here!


2/07 Fifth S. a the Epiphany

Jesus Heals Mary; Mark 1:29-39


If the Gospel is not heard, does it still save? Jesus came to preach and to proclaim the Gospel. Jesus came to bring comfort and peace to you.

1/31 Fourth S. a the Epiphany

Jesus Drives out an Evil Spirit; Mark 1:21-28


What are some of the ways you have identified yourself over the years? By occupation, family affiliation, race, gender, geographical origin or current residence? All three of this morning’s lessons can be seen in terms of identity issues. We also have the opportunity to identify ourselves in alignment with, or in opposition to, these identities.

1/24 Third S. a the Epiphany

Jesus Calling of the first Disciples; Mark 1:14-20


Despite whatever conditions we find ourselves in, whether good or bad, it seems that we are being told to ignore those conditions and live as though they did not exist. Today we learned to live as though the best is yet to come.

1/17 Second S. a the Epiphany

Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael; John 1:43-51

It was 45 sunny and windy for our 18th outdoor Worship service. In this mornings Epistle lesson, St. Paul tells each of us that our "body is a temple of the spirit". What does he mean by that?

1/10 The Baptism of our Lord

The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus; Mark 1:4-11


It was 40 and sunny for our 17th outdoor worship service. Today we learned how a pneumatic nail gun is powered by air, and how a Holy Spirit breathed, God powered life loves without restriction, gives without condition, and forgives without reservation. 

1/3 Second Sunday a. Christmas

The Boy Jesus at the Temple; Luke 2:40-52


This morning we look at how God's wisdom was manifested in Solomon and Jesus.

2020 Sermons


12/27 First Sunday a. Christmas

Jesus Presented in the Temple; Luke 2:22-40


It was 33 and sunny for our 16th outdoor Worship service. “God’s timing is perfect.” Someday it will all make sense. The birth of Jesus would not have made much sense during the time of the internet. 


12/25 Christmas Day

The Word Became Flesh; John 1:1-14


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

12/24 Christmas Eve

The Birth of Jesus; Luke 2:1-20


And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”


12/23 Midweek Advent Service

Jesus Comforts His Disciples; John 14:1-11

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.

12/20 Fourth S. in Advent

The Birth of Jesus Foretold; Luke 1:26-38


Peace is accomplished thru victory over satan, not negotiation. There is a perfect peace to come.


12/16 Midweek Advent Service

The Promise to David


Scripture Reading: 2 SAMUEL 7:8-17


12/13 Third S. in Advent

John the Baptist denies being the Christ; John 1:19-28


It was 65 and partly cloudy for our 15th outdoor Worship service. There is great joy this Advent season, knowing that his ultimate blessing is yet to come.

12/9 Midweek Advent Service

The Promise to Abraham


Abrahams righteouness came from believing his Lord.

12/6 Second S. in Advent

John the Baptist prepares the Way; Mark 1:1-8


The comfort that He brings is the eternal comfort, the peace that lasts forever.

11/29 First S. in Advent

The Triumphal Entry; Mark 11;1-10


During the season of Advent we can anticipate God's 2nd coming on the last day. 

11/22 Last S. of the Church year

The Sheep and the Goats; Matt 25:31-46

It was 64 and sunny for our last worship service of the Church year.  Today we anticipate Christ's return, as we celebrate the new life that will begin the moment we depart this life.  

11/15 Twenty-fourth S. a. Pentecost

The Parable of the Talents; Matt 25:14-30

It was rainy and then sunny and 73 for our 12th outdoor  worship service.  Our sermon today reminded us that our faith inspires us to action. We are to encouage others with the certainty of our salvation.

11/8 Twenty-third S. a. Pentecost

The Parable of the Ten Virgins; Matt 25:1-13


During our chaotic times, God is demanding just decisions and kind and generous attitudes! Our challenge is, what would God have us do during these times?

11/1 All Saints Day 

The Great Multitude in White Robes; Revelation 7:9-17

It was a beautiful day, 75 and cloudy before the rain came during Communion.  The glorious promise of this Revelation passage is that we will be delivered from the Great Tribulation, as well as each of our individual tribulations.  

10/25 Reformation Day 

The Children of Abraham; John 8:31-36


Pastor Hollar leads us in worship on Reformation sunday.


06/07           The Holy Trinity

 The Great Commission; Matt.28:16-20


The weather was cloudy for our 1st outdoor service of the year.

Do you want to learn what the Apostle's creed means?

Do you want to know why we can trust in all of God's promises?