Every gift is a blessing 

From SED President John Denninger:



The people of Ukraine are suffering. Some are running for their lives while others are taking up arms to defend their families and their nation. Once again we see the way in which innocent lives are experiencing unnecessary violence. Our hearts go out to every father, mother, son and daughter as they make difficult life decisions. We are especially mindful of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine.  



The synod has created a fund for displaced Ukrainians.  Gifts given using the link below will be placed in an account restricted to providing assistance to persons displaced by the war in Ukraine. The LCMS will issue grants to/through our Lutheran partners in the region best positioned to provide compassionate care in Christ Jesus' name to those fleeing the conflict. The situation is developing and we pledge to use every gift wisely to accomplish the greatest good possible in ways that deliver the Gospel as human needs are met.


SED Disaster Response and Recovery



In times of disaster, the immediate need is for financial donations.  Cash donations allow relief workers to purchase what is needed at the appropriate time and location.  


The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Disaster Response ministry responds to immediate and long-term needs following natural and man-made disasters.


Working through LCMS districts and congregations as well as with international Lutheran churches and other partners, LCMS Disaster Response builds capacity of the church’s partners to respond to needs with Christian care.


The ministry reaches out to LCMS congregations and their communities with services that include on-site assessment, emergency relief and development grants, pastoral care for LCMS church workers and members, and other resources.


Thank  You for your financial support